Commissioner/ Founder of BongoBeers

BRENDAN O'HAGAN- The creator of this page, that is on the rise, i'm trying to create a league and a social media page that grows exponentially and becomes global someday, started this page around less than 2 years ago, and it has hosted crazy events, like fight night, and the first season of SSLB were huge W'S for the page, we discuss professional sports as well, but this will solely be a website for the upcoming Summer league and provide important news, and almost everything going on in the league will keep you as updated as possible, and we will post on our social medias, as much as possible regarding the league. This has the makings of being a special year for your boy Bongo, and this could be the year we go up to the moon and go viral, with this fun and competitive league. Thankful for my supporters, but this is just the beginning of something special.