Draft results

  • There are currently no draft results, as it takes place, Saturday April 16th at 3:30 PM ET.

  • Note: Their are draft day trades avaliable as teams can move up and down on the board.

1st Round

1st pick Italian Stallions Select

2nd pick BongoBeers Select

3rd pick Mclocklins Select

4th pick Aces Select

(Acquired from Ippy) 5th pick Aces Select

6th pick SlimReapers select

2nd Round

7th pick SlimReapers Select

8th pick Sticky Bandits Select

(Acquired from Feef) 9th pick Sticky Bandits Select

10th Pick Italian Stallions Select

11th Pick McLockLins Select

12th Pick BongoBeers Select

3rd Round

(Acquired from Feef) 13th Pick Sticky Bandits Select

14th Pick McLockLins Select

15th Pick SlimReapers Select

16th Pick BongoBeers Select

17th Pick Sticky Bandits Select

18th Pick Itailion Stallions Select

4th Round

19th Pick Sticky Bandits Select

20th Pick Slim Reapers Select

21st Pick Italion Stallions Select

22nd Pick BongoBeers Selects

23rd Pick McLockLins Selects

24th pick Aces Select

5th Round

25th Pick McLockLins Select

26th pick BongoBeers Select

27th Pick Aces Select

(Acquired from Ippy) 28th Pick Aces Select

29th Pick SlimReapers Select

30th Pick Italion Stallions Select

6th Round

31st Pick SlimReapers Select

32nd Pick Sticky Bandits Select

33rd Pick Italion Stallions Select

34th Pick McLockLins Select

35th Pick Aces Select

36th Pick BongoBeers Select

7th Round

37th Pick BongoBeers Select

38th Pick McLockLins Select

39th Pick Aces Select

40th Pick Italion Stallions Select

41st Pick Sticky Bandits Select

Undrafted Team